Bangalore Photowalk 5

Ok. So the Bangalore Photowalk has been resurrected. You might recall that I stopped coordinating them after I moved out of Bangalore, and Shande who had volunteered to coordinate had been out of town, and so the Photowalks had come to an abrupt end.

Anyways, over the last few days, the photowalk yahoogroup has seen much activity, with people demanding a photowalk. And the people have gotten together to give themselves and the rest of Bangalore one.

This will happen tomorrow evening, along Brigade Road. The group will assemble in front of the defunct Opera Theatre on Brigade Road (you might recall that Photowalk 3 had also begun there). Since I have moved out of Bangalore, I won’t be there. However, the response to this photowalk looks enthusiastic and so you can expect a good crowd.


Starting point : Brigade Road – Residency Road Junction.
End point:         Commercial Street

Starting Time : 6 pm

Check this google map link for details.,77.609868&spn=0.018735,0.027637&z=15

As per map, the distance is around 3700 feet i.e. just above a km.

I encourage you to land up at Brigade Road tomorrow evening along with your cameras. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

Thanks to Anita and Shande, among others, for putting enthu to resurrect the Bangalore Photowalk.

Reminder: Fourth Bangalore Photo Walk

Just to remind you people that the fourth Bangalore photo walk will happen this Sunday (27th July). Details here.

To give you a quick summary,

Date: 27th July, 2008
Starting time: 8 am
Starting point: Alankar Plaza, Kempe Gowda Road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore 560009
Ending time: Approximately 10:30 am
Ending point: Malleswaram Circle

Shande, one of our more regular photowalkers, will be leading this walk since I may have to leave early. Once again, please leave a comment here in case you are interested in attending. And please let your friends also know.

The Fourth Bangalore PhotoWalk

Yes, I know I’m announcing this more almost three weeks in advance. Priya of the Bengaluru Pages (who was earlier kind enough to attend and write about the first photowalk) has promised to give footage for the upcoming walk in her magazine if I told her the route this week. Hence, the “earliness”, for the sake of publicity.

?helped me pick this route. His initial choice was? flyover-to-underpass walk – which might have been a good followup considering that the first photowalk was called “flyover to flyover”.? I decided to extend the route a bit, so you will encounter the flyover on the way and then end at the underpass. And we’ll be starting very close to what is probably Bangalore’s first ever pedestrian road-over-bridge – so I guess that settles matters. And for good measure, we’ll be walking under a railway track.

As usual, this is going to be on the last Sunday of the month – 27th of July 2008. We begin at 8 am as usual, though this is a bit of a long-ish route. We might take about two and a half hours for this – as opposed to the usual two, so you are encouraged to have breakfast before the walk. You might want to know that there is an Adigas fairly close to the starting point.

We meet in front of Alankar Plaza on K G Road. This was perhaps the first mall in Bangalore (or maybe Safina Plaza came earlier) but it has never been known as one. It is supposed to be a good place to shop for cheap clothes, but I’m not sure if anything will be open on a Sunday morning. Anyways, that is not the reason we are going there.

We start from Alankar Plaza to the end of K G Road where it splits into two and we take the right path – the one that all buses headed to Majestic take. This is called Subedar Chatram road and most of the morning will be spent walking on that. We walk under the flyover at Anand Rao Circle, and then under a railway line a couple of hundred metres later. We will also be passing by a large number of old movie halls.

After a while, we reach what is popularly called as “Swastik Junction” and we take a left turn (no, I don’t mean that in the Prakash Karat sense). We turn right quickly enough, into Sirur Park road which we will follow till it ends. We then do a couple of quick adjustments and reach Malleswaram Circle which signals the end of the walk. An underpass was recently opened at this junction.

Again, standard rules apply. Please either leave a comment here or mail me at skthewimp [at] yahoo [dot] com in order to confirm your participation. If you like this concept, please give it some footage on your websites and tell more people about this. If you have attended any previous photo walk and have some comments to make, please mail me regarding them. If you have any suggestions with respect to THIS walk, please let me know again. And you are also welcome to contribute routes for future photo walks.

Date: 27th July, 2008
Starting time: 8 am
Starting point: Alankar Plaza, Kempe Gowda Road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore 560009
Ending time: Approximately 10:30 am
Ending point: Malleswaram Circle
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Hope to meet you people there. In any case, let me know if you are coming. And spread word.

The Third Bangalore Photowalk

Happened this Sunday, between 8 and 1030 am. Eighteen people turned up. The bad news is that there is very little “repeat business”.

?is the only person (apart from me) to have appeared in all three photowalks.

and Shande were the only “repeaters” from walk 2 to walk 3. This low “repeat ratio” kinda worries me, and I wonder if I’ve been doing a bad job of the whole thing.

People who have attende the walk (at least one of the three) please let me know what I can do to improve the experience. One problem I noticed during the second walk was that people just kept running off and soon there was a 500 metre gap between the first and last person in the group. I tried to remedy that this time by insisting that we largely move together, though I didn’t stop people from wandering away. After all, the objective of the walk is to allow everyone to take photos of what they find interesting.

I hope all those who attended this photo walk enjoyed the event, and I hope most of them will come back for the next one, which will happen on the 27th of July. I’ll get back to you people with details about the route soon. And in the meantime, if you wish to participate in further photo walks, I would encourage you to join the bangalore photowalk yahoo group. To join the group, send a mail to blorephotowalk-subscribe [at] yahoogroups [dot ] com .

Then, I request everyone who attended the photowalk to upload the pictures on Flickr and give the tag bangalorephotowalk . The pictures taken so far in all photowalks can be seen here:

Here is a photo of me giving gyaan at the beginning of the photo walk.

And here is a picture of the group at? the end of the photo walk.

The Third Bangalore Photowalk

Just to remind you people, the third Bangalore Photo Walk will happen this Sunday, the 29th of June between 8 am and 10 am. We will start at the intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road (in front of Rex). More details here:

Please bring along a camera. Any type will do. Even if you can’t bring one along, but just want to walk along you are welcome, but you should stick to the rest of the group. I would also recommend you to bring some drinking water, and maybe a cap.

The other day,

suggested that we move on to the Coffee House on M G Road for breakfast after the walk. We will keep this option open (officially, there’s no breakfast at the end of this walk). In case we decide to go to Coffee House, there will be a small change in the route. We won’t turn right from Museum Road on to Residency Road but instead walk on straight to hit M G Road. Anyway since we have agreed to keep the route of the walk uncertain, I’m sure we can live with this.

Going by my yahoo! inbox, the response to this photo walk has been fairly positive so far. Nevertheless, I request you to give further footage for the photowalk on your blogs, etc. Thanks to

for writing about it on her blog and Shande for putting it up on metblogs.

Photowalk and Language

Last evening, while i was going with

?to pay our last respects to Shiok before it temporarily shuts down, I got the following SMS:

Hey man, I couldn’t attend the prev photowalk. Is one planned 4 dis sunday? P$$%#$

I was upset with the language (this was from a guy with number ending with 3113) and had half a mind to tell him “K”. Then I composed this message

Dear P$$%#$, I regretfully inform you that there is no photowalk this sunday. I am, however, pleased to inform you that the next walk will happen on the morning of the 29th. I solicit your participation in the aforementioned. with warm regards, S Karthik

Anyway, the next photowalk will happen on Sunday the 29th of this month, most likely in the Ulsoor area. All are welcome to attend. There is no entry fee.

Once again, we’ll start at 730 am. I’ll let you know regarding the exact route and starting point in a couple of days.

Regarding the second Bangalore Photowalk

I must confess I didn’t do a very good job yesterday when I announced the second Bangalore Photowalk. I was listening to a podcast while I was writing it, so I was a bit distracted. Just to confirm the salient features:

  • The walk will happen on 1st June 2008 between Ravindra Kalakshetra and the erstwhile Central Jail
  • We begin at 7:30 am sharp – it’s a slightly longish route and there are too many things worth photographing on the route so I think we should start early
  • From what I see, I think it’ll be a building-oriented walk. Lots of good buildings in the route
  • Some of the buildings that we’ll see during the walk
    • Ravindra Kalakshetra
    • Sir Puttannachetty Town Hall
    • The LIC Building
    • The Corporation Building
    • Bux-Ranka house
    • Hudson Church
    • YMCA
    • RBI (though I’m not sure if it’s safe to photograph it)
    • Daly Hall
    • UVCE
    • Central Jail
  • We should end the walk by around 10 am near the Central Jail, following which we will proceed to Kamat Yatri Nivas for breakfast
  • All are welcome. You are welcome even if you don’t carry a camera and are just interested in walking along with us on a nice Sunday morning. Of course you should be prepared to walk
  • I’m not sure of parking facilities around the Ravindra Kalakshetra. The nearest bus stop is Town Hall, to where you should get buses from all over the city
  • As usual, you don’t need to pay anything. Except for the breakfast of course.
  • I would advise you to carry a cap, a water bottle and a camera. I would also advise you to wear comfortable footwear.
  • There is a yahoo group I’ve started. it’s called blorephotowalk. Join. I need to approve your membership though
  • I request you to give more publicity for this walk. On your blog or website or maybe even in some papers or something 😛 .
  • RSVP. Either leave a comment here (with your name) or mail me at skthewimp[at]yahoo[dot]com
  • The latest issue of Bengaluru pages, and citizen matters have carried reviews of the first walk.

Sarkari Walk

Ok. It’s time for the second Bangalore Photo Walk. As I had mentioned earlier, it’ll happen on June 1. We will start off close to where we started off last time. However, we’ll proceed in a totally different direction.

Here is the route that we are going to take:
View Larger Map

We begin in front of the Ravindra Kalakshetra on J C Road at 7:30 am. The reason for the early start is that this particular route has a lot more photograph-able stuff compared to last month, and so I expect us to be walking slower. Also, the route is slightly longer than the one that we took last month.

Starting from Ravindra Kalakshetra, we walk down J C Road till we reach the Corporation circle. Having gone round and round in circles in that area (I personally find it quite photogenic; I hope you people think the same), we proceed along Nrupathunga road. We’ll be movingagainst the direction of the one way but it’s ok since we will be walking.

At K R Circle, we will be doing a LT 30 (approximately) and walking up Seshadri Road. We will be passing by a large number of old educational institutions here. The walk will officially end in front of the erstwhile Central Jail. After that, those of us that are hungry and willing will cut into Gandhinagar and have breakfast at Kamat Yatri Nivas (considering that we’ll be tired and hungry, I think we should target the buffet breakfast).

This is a slightly longish walk so please make sure you land up on time. Please tell your friends also. Maybe you could give footage for the walk on your blog/website. I hope for a better turnout than we got last time (11 to be precise). The first walk has had some good press, both in The Bengaluru Pages and in Citizen Matters. The Bengaluru Pages article is not online. However Priya has been kind enough (I love that phrase, don’t I?) to snail mail over a few copies of the magazine. I’ll distribute them to the walkers on the next walk.

I’ve also started a Bangalore Photo Walk yahoo group, which will allow us to be in touch through email. It’s called blorephotowalk. I request you to join it.


has been kind enough to write about the first Bangalore Photowalk on Citizen Matters. In other similar news, Priya Jain, who was with us on the first walk has done a piece in the latest issue of The Bengalooru Pages. Unfortunately I don’t think it is availabe online.

Hopefully this footage will result in a better turnout a the next walk which – as I mentioned a couple of days back – will happen on June 1.