Wedding Invitation Prefixes

It seems simplest in Tamil Nadu, where the  girl’s name is prefixed with “Sow” (or “Sou”; for Sowbhagyavathi) while the boy’s name is prefixed with “Chi” (for Chiranjeevi). Considering most Tams have only one initial to their names, this sounds fair.

As we move to Andhra, the boy’s prefix remains “Chi” while the girl’s prefix gets elongated to “Chi Lax Sow”. I guess this is in line with the practice of three or more initials in Andhra.

In Karnataka, where two initials are dominant (at least were dominant in my parents’ generation; though not in mine (for eg. my father decided “Gollahalli” sounded too country to be part of my name so he dropped it and gave me only one initial) ) both boys and girls have two syllable prefixes. Girls get “Chi Sow” (for chiranjeevi sowbhagyavathi i guess). Boys get “Chi Ry” (I have no clue what Ry stands for. Maybe Karnataka boys show a special fondness for rye-based drinks).

Found this pertinent given that this afternoon I journeyed to Sultanpet and bought cards on which we’ll print our wedding invites.

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  1. Ry stands for Rinjeevi I believe… which sounds like a diminutive of Chiranjeevi.. but whatever

    You also forgot to elaborate on the only earned and causal prefix “Dr.” which is a sort of consolation prize for the life sacrifices you made 😛
    The placement is important too. You want to put Chi Dr. as against Dr. Chi, since the latter might cause an outpouring of telugu sentiment in your wedding, not to mention a shortage of rice.

  2. Chi. Ra. means Chiranjeevi Rajashekharanaada

    Sow… means a she pig, so we never use that spelling.

    Actually the whole thing is:

    Chi. Sou. Ha. Kum. Ka. Sho. 😀

    i.e., Chiranjeevi Soubhagyavati HarishiNa Kunkuma Kasturi Shobhiteyaada

    won’t you put your education qualifications at the end of your names? 😀
    Gults put it.

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    1. @Usharani..

      There is no such word as “Harishina”. Please look at the dictionary. it’s “a-ri-Shi-Na” (arishina- ??????).

      Replacing a with ha is just an hurry to speak purest kannada.. 😛

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    1. Ry= rajya Shree can possibl but royal king not because it’s not kannada word. For royal king we have saparete meaning.

      Edu Ra kili raa

      I hope you accept this.

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