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  1. hi karthik..

    IS this contact page working.It hangs with message “One moment please”.Any email id to reach you.

  2. straightly speaking sir, who are you??
    if from iit madras, which years batch?
    i’m a under grad student in iit m

  3. Wimpy,
    I do read your blog but don’t comment. Regarding your post on
    why is not an integral part of N.India – what is your opinion on starting exclusive ” North Indian tiffin/breakfast” joints, which serve purely ghar ka khana ? Is it a feasible business model ? For the record,I don’t think there are any such eateries either here in S.India or back in N.India. All I have seen are “thelas” on the street corners,somewhat like our push cart pani-puri stalls or tea shop outside Taramani gate. Will giving that an image makeover and selling in restaurants be a good business idea?

    Mail me your opinions.

  4. Hi Skimpy!

    I have been a regular reader of your blog for a few months now and I love it.
    Keep up the good work! Strangely, I can relate to your experiences save IIT & IIM (MSRIT and IIM-wannabe in my case). I was going through some of your old articles and stumbled across this one…sounded mighty familiar 🙂

    Any idea what the National Post article said? The page is not available anymore.

    P.S. Congratulations to you and Pinky on the marriage!

  5. With reference to the post

    “However, I think they might do well if they go online. When they can get customers to pay them by means of a credit card and then send the goods. Which is the same mechanism that is used for all things bought online. I wonder why they haven’t done it so far.”
    Yes, we have done it! Visit, where you can browse all the products and place orders.

    I don’t know which store you visited in Sringeri. Ours is the first pickle store opened in Sringeri over 24 years ago. If you visit Sringeri again, make sure you won’t miss Vijayanarasimha’s store. You don’t need to buy anything, but the visit will be a great experience.

    1. Thanks Vasuki.

      I’ve forgotten which store I’d visited. It was among the first few stores from the temple side of the main street. I remember that they sold one medicine to clear blocked nose called “brahmagranthi nibhedini”. Quite liked it, and it really helped with my frequent cold attacks!

      Will visit your store for sure if/when I visit Sringeri next.

  6. Just an insight to the area between RV Road, Patalamma Street and the extension of BP Wadia road towards “teachers college” – there are two roads running parallel to each other (parallel to RV Road) – one is called the Church Road and the other Sri Rama Temple Road and then the Mosque Road cuts these parallel road (from Armugum circle) – its interesting to walk through these roads – the culture, the harmony and cooking fragrance wafts into the roads! I enjoy your writings 🙂

  7. Superb view and interest on contemporary issues of both technology and vicissitudes of life. To a large extent I can relate my thinking to you, except I am not so good in putting my thoughts on keyboard (pen). BTW I am looking for some advise on skill development for Engg. students on Data Sciences…any help my (Twitter) friend

  8. Hi – I am a regular reader of your blog – and love it. Glad that you pen down often. Analytical insights is an added bonus (or should I say fresh cream on the cake??) on your blog.
    I am a regular at Ashirwad Departmental store and was glad to read up on it. You have summed it up beautifully. Their customer service, personal connect as well as willingness to source a particular product/brand for you is outstanding.
    In your para “The range of goods (talkign about biscuits and tea and cosmetics here) I saw at Subhiksha seemed much larger than that I’ve seen at Food World, or maybe even Big Bazaar. I’m really impressed.” do you mean Ashirwad (Subhiksha is typed here) 🙂

    And Happy New Year !

    1. well spotted! I meant “Ashirwad” there. and as this was written in 2007, you can see taht Subhiksha existed then etc.!

      And happy new year to you too

  9. I got to your blog in the most random ways (or destiny as some would appreciate it). Fun reading. Greetings from Doha.

  10. hey, i was searching for data analysis and astrology and Google has directed me to one of your old post. I started learning astrology more than an year ago,so that i can prove to my roommate that its a myth. Stumbled upon unsupervised learning algorithms at my work place and thought why should I learn astrology if an algorithm can identify patterns for me.
    so, formulated a problem, do intraday stock market trading for a period of 6 months [4 months training data, 1 month cv, 1 month test] and parallelly learnt astrology to define dimensions. using weka tool, just gone through available options using just my training data. noted down few observations like, no single planet has influenced my gains, its combination of planet positions. by using pca was able to fit training data and checked through cv data.
    Facing problem when i finally came to prediction, i have to project my prediction attributes to pca dimensions to make a prediction. i couldn’t convert to pca dimensions in weka, i have to figure that out.

    can you point me towards, learning source to learn pca on class attributes?


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