Bangalore Photowalk 5

Ok. So the Bangalore Photowalk has been resurrected. You might recall that I stopped coordinating them after I moved out of Bangalore, and Shande who had volunteered to coordinate had been out of town, and so the Photowalks had come to an abrupt end.

Anyways, over the last few days, the photowalk yahoogroup has seen much activity, with people demanding a photowalk. And the people have gotten together to give themselves and the rest of Bangalore one.

This will happen tomorrow evening, along Brigade Road. The group will assemble in front of the defunct Opera Theatre on Brigade Road (you might recall that Photowalk 3 had also begun there). Since I have moved out of Bangalore, I won’t be there. However, the response to this photowalk looks enthusiastic and so you can expect a good crowd.


Starting point : Brigade Road – Residency Road Junction.
End point:         Commercial Street

Starting Time : 6 pm

Check this google map link for details.,77.609868&spn=0.018735,0.027637&z=15

As per map, the distance is around 3700 feet i.e. just above a km.

I encourage you to land up at Brigade Road tomorrow evening along with your cameras. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

Thanks to Anita and Shande, among others, for putting enthu to resurrect the Bangalore Photowalk.

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