Photowalk and Language

Last evening, while i was going with

?to pay our last respects to Shiok before it temporarily shuts down, I got the following SMS:

Hey man, I couldn’t attend the prev photowalk. Is one planned 4 dis sunday? P$$%#$

I was upset with the language (this was from a guy with number ending with 3113) and had half a mind to tell him “K”. Then I composed this message

Dear P$$%#$, I regretfully inform you that there is no photowalk this sunday. I am, however, pleased to inform you that the next walk will happen on the morning of the 29th. I solicit your participation in the aforementioned. with warm regards, S Karthik

Anyway, the next photowalk will happen on Sunday the 29th of this month, most likely in the Ulsoor area. All are welcome to attend. There is no entry fee.

Once again, we’ll start at 730 am. I’ll let you know regarding the exact route and starting point in a couple of days.

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