The Third Bangalore Photowalk

Just to remind you people, the third Bangalore Photo Walk will happen this Sunday, the 29th of June between 8 am and 10 am. We will start at the intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road (in front of Rex). More details here:

Please bring along a camera. Any type will do. Even if you can’t bring one along, but just want to walk along you are welcome, but you should stick to the rest of the group. I would also recommend you to bring some drinking water, and maybe a cap.

The other day,

suggested that we move on to the Coffee House on M G Road for breakfast after the walk. We will keep this option open (officially, there’s no breakfast at the end of this walk). In case we decide to go to Coffee House, there will be a small change in the route. We won’t turn right from Museum Road on to Residency Road but instead walk on straight to hit M G Road. Anyway since we have agreed to keep the route of the walk uncertain, I’m sure we can live with this.

Going by my yahoo! inbox, the response to this photo walk has been fairly positive so far. Nevertheless, I request you to give further footage for the photowalk on your blogs, etc. Thanks to

for writing about it on her blog and Shande for putting it up on metblogs.

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