The Fourth Bangalore PhotoWalk

Yes, I know I’m announcing this more almost three weeks in advance. Priya of the Bengaluru Pages (who was earlier kind enough to attend and write about the first photowalk) has promised to give footage for the upcoming walk in her magazine if I told her the route this week. Hence, the “earliness”, for the sake of publicity.

?helped me pick this route. His initial choice was? flyover-to-underpass walk – which might have been a good followup considering that the first photowalk was called “flyover to flyover”.? I decided to extend the route a bit, so you will encounter the flyover on the way and then end at the underpass. And we’ll be starting very close to what is probably Bangalore’s first ever pedestrian road-over-bridge – so I guess that settles matters. And for good measure, we’ll be walking under a railway track.

As usual, this is going to be on the last Sunday of the month – 27th of July 2008. We begin at 8 am as usual, though this is a bit of a long-ish route. We might take about two and a half hours for this – as opposed to the usual two, so you are encouraged to have breakfast before the walk. You might want to know that there is an Adigas fairly close to the starting point.

We meet in front of Alankar Plaza on K G Road. This was perhaps the first mall in Bangalore (or maybe Safina Plaza came earlier) but it has never been known as one. It is supposed to be a good place to shop for cheap clothes, but I’m not sure if anything will be open on a Sunday morning. Anyways, that is not the reason we are going there.

We start from Alankar Plaza to the end of K G Road where it splits into two and we take the right path – the one that all buses headed to Majestic take. This is called Subedar Chatram road and most of the morning will be spent walking on that. We walk under the flyover at Anand Rao Circle, and then under a railway line a couple of hundred metres later. We will also be passing by a large number of old movie halls.

After a while, we reach what is popularly called as “Swastik Junction” and we take a left turn (no, I don’t mean that in the Prakash Karat sense). We turn right quickly enough, into Sirur Park road which we will follow till it ends. We then do a couple of quick adjustments and reach Malleswaram Circle which signals the end of the walk. An underpass was recently opened at this junction.

Again, standard rules apply. Please either leave a comment here or mail me at skthewimp [at] yahoo [dot] com in order to confirm your participation. If you like this concept, please give it some footage on your websites and tell more people about this. If you have attended any previous photo walk and have some comments to make, please mail me regarding them. If you have any suggestions with respect to THIS walk, please let me know again. And you are also welcome to contribute routes for future photo walks.

Date: 27th July, 2008
Starting time: 8 am
Starting point: Alankar Plaza, Kempe Gowda Road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore 560009
Ending time: Approximately 10:30 am
Ending point: Malleswaram Circle
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Hope to meet you people there. In any case, let me know if you are coming. And spread word.

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