Reminder: Second Bangalore PhotoWalk

This is just to remind you that the second Bangalore Photowalk is going to happen this Sunday (1st June). We start from in front of Ravindra Kalakshetra (the gate of the building to be precise) at 730 am.

To remind you about the concept of a photowalk:

Just to refresh you people about the concept, it’s just “photo” and “walk”. We meet at a point (say point A) and walk from there to point B along a pre-specified route, taking photos as we go along. And then we disperse. And maybe meet again in a month’s time at a different point.

Point A is Ravindra Kalakshetra. Point B is the old Central Jail. This is the route.

Here is

‘s definition of a photowalk:

I will decide on a time and place to begin walking, and a time and place to end the walk begun in the previous sentence. In between those two times and places, I will try and click as many photos as possible of as many things as possible that catches my fancy. I shall also attempt to impart my extra-ordinary skill and over-whelming knowledge about photography and Madras (both respectively and other wise) (the latter remark ? about Madras knowledge ? is not as sarcastic as you might believe) to anybody who cares to listen and/or learn. I am hoping there are enough of both. Now, in return for giving me company as I delude myself, I shall try make the routes as interesting as possible (some friends would vouch for my knowledge of places to go to in Madras) and the learning as fun.

Some of you have RSVPd and have been promptly added to the mailing list. Others who are interested are also requested to do the same (mail me at skthewimp AT yahoo DOT com). Here is the link to the yahoo group. There is also a facebook community started by Arun Jayaprakash. s

PS: Thanks to



for giving further publicity for the photowalk. I request you to do the same. Hope to see you all on Sunday morning.

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