India More Corrupt Than Pakistan?

Yes, if you go by the data put out by Transparency International. They question they asked was whether the respondent had ever paid a bribe. In India, 54% said yes, while in Pakistan only 34% did. Sierra Leone tops the list with 84% of people claiming they’ve paid a bribe.

I was planning to not put any visualization, since the one on the BBC website (linked above) is pretty good, but then I thought it makes sense to show the illustrious company India has been put in according to this report.

Source: Transparency International
Source: Transparency International

Interestingly, if you look at their report, their sample size is consistent across countries. While they interviewed 1025 people in India, they interviewed 1000 in tiny Fiji. This means that the results for the larger countries in the survey should be taken with more salt than that of the smaller countries.

There is a lot more in the report (linked above). Do read it if you are more interested in this.

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