Podcast: All Reals

I had spoken here a few times about starting a new “data podcast, right? The first episode is out today, and in this I speak to S Anand, cofounder and CEO of Gramener, about the interface of business with data science.

It’s a long freewheeling conversation, where we talk about data science in general, about Excel, about data visualisations, pie charts, Tufte and all that.

Do listen – it should be available on all podcast platforms, and let me know what you think. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. New episodes will be out every Tuesday morning.

And if you think you want to be on the podcast, or know someone who wants to be a guest on the podcast, you can reach out. datachatterpodcast AT gmail.

New blog on visualisations

For a while now I’ve been commenting on visualisations on Twitter, pointing out the good (and especially bad) graphs. I also have a “chart of the edition” section in my newsletter.

Recently, the legendary Krish Ashok suggested that I collect all these bad visualisations in a Tumblr, and I decided to oblige.

You can follow it here.

I like Tumblr as a medium (no pun intended) for collecting pictures. The UI is not great (compared to WordPress), but in some way it encourages short posts, and that’s a great thing from the perspective of what I want to do. Go follow off!