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I want to apologize to my readers for the drastic drop in quality of my posts over the last one month. The problem is that so far I haven’t had net at home, and hence have had to blog from work. And it is extremely difficult here to concentrate on writing.

Most of my posts in the last one month are those that were written at a time different from when they were thought up. And given that I’m a “flow types”, this has resulted in horrible quality. The only post in the last one month which I wrote impromptu (as i was thinking about it) was the one on Orissa violence, which I thoguht measured up to my usual standards.

Anyways, things are looking up. I got a laptop over the weekend. Dell XPS 1525. Tomorrow the Airtel guy will be coming home to install broadband. Which means I can start blogging from home. And that will, hopefully, ensure better quality of posts.

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  1. Wish you luck with broadband in GGN. If you want WiFi, better ask now. Might be painful to get a new modem / router later. I don’t even think they have a Home Unlimited plan with WiFi, but we somehow managed to get one.

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