On Sunday I got my new house cleaned. Some three bongs came to do the job and the first thing they wanted was some consumables. “Tezaab, saarof aur bhim powder”, one of them said. The first was understandable – I clearly remember from the posters of the Anil Kapoor – Madhuri Dixit starrer (incidentally the first ever hindi movie i saw) that “Tezaab is acid”. But saarof and bhim? I thought it was something local to Gurgaon. So I took one of them along to the shop.

It turned out that he wanted Surf and Vim. It seems I was too late to put on my “bong filter” .

I must say they did an excellent job of cleaning (and they better have done, for the small fortune they charged me for it). Finally I ask them where their names and where they are from. One of them had disappeared by then. The others gave their name as “bhokto” and “orjun”. And they said they are from Kolkota. I asked them if they are from Kolkota or from Bangladesh, and they immediately pulled out their Election Voter ID Cards to ostensibly prove they are Indians!

2 thoughts on “Bongobondhus”

  1. In addition to commies, football, love of fish….this is another thing that mallus & bongs have in common….bad pronounciation 😛

  2. came here while blog hopping from some qfi stuff i think. one wonders if it would really kill them not to interchange b’s and v’s.
    it probably would.

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