The ITC Quiz and other stories

  • When you have a company like ITC sponsoring a quiz, you can always expect lots of prizes in kind. Last year’s finalist prizes included a bag of cheap biscuits (mostly marie/krackjack types – sunfeast of course) and a packet of Aashirvad rajma. This year, they seemed to mess up on that. I think two finalist teams didn’t receive anything. There was some misunderstanding.
  • A podium finish guaranteed much better though. There was this huge heavy box of stuff – mostly cream biscuits, a few packets of Kitchens of INdia ready to eat stuff, a few packets of pasta and two jars of pickles. I think the law doesn’t allow you to give out cigarettes for promotional purposes, else I guess we could’ve expected lots of that also. And yeah, we also got book coupons for fairly good amounts.
  • Bingo is pretty good (no it wasn’t part of the “package”. I bought it ). Had some mad angles yesterday. Definitely significantly superior to Lay’s. The key is that bingo uses local flavours. It’s also much healthier than lay’s – rice, gram and corn flour as against potatoes.
  • Ate ATS chikki yesterday after what seemed like ages. They seem to be strong believers in the “price point” funda – each packet costs a rupee and is much smaller than it used to be 10 years back. We used the used wrappers of 10 such chikki packets, and a superpacket , and a used tea cup in order to create a scupture depicting the dangers of environmental pollution.

    took a pic of the same. I’ll link to that once he uploads it.

  • Yesterday, I answered my second ever western music question in my long (it’s been 14 years since that KQA lone kid 2nd place) quizzing career. The first one was answered last week, at the Unmaad open quiz.
  • Most of my western music listening is restricted to three bands. At Unmaad I answered a question about Deep Purple, opening my WM account. Yesterday, I answered one about floyd. Led Zep remains. And

    (my teammate yesterday along with

    ) promises lots of those in the KQA Music Quiz he’s doing next weekend (on the 17th).

  • The ITC guys had a system of point carry over from prelims. Without any scaling what-so-ever. So effectively each prelims question was worth 1/10 as much as a finals question. We didn’t complain though – having just scraped through after missing all the “peters”? and “st. peters” in the prelims
  • An externality of the point carry over was that the probability of a tie became minimal. It was like the second leg of a Champions League match. Where after each goal, you are in or out. No chance of a draw.
  • My answer to how Gilmour and co. overcame Waters’ pig copyright in order to use it in Division Bell concerts extended out lead on the top. Unfortunately, we were going to blow it up in the final stage 2 round. We ended a narrow second. Less than 10 points (the value of each final question) separated the top three teams

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