random rambling on random rememberances

He rushed to my room all excited. “Dooode! How was the exam? Did you do the last question?”

The exam in question was the final exam of a course on Technology and Business. It was a mostly objective paper and at the end there was one subjective question I think. Maybe there were more, but I only remember this one. I had returned to my room half an hour earlier.

“Yeah dude. I think I answered it pretty well”, I replied.

“I so cracked it. I found so many things. There were so many angles to the thing dude. I totally raped the question”, he said.

“Ah! Good you found so many things to the case. I just found one major point and just wrote that. Anyways, what took you so long?”

“Oh I totally cracked it. I used this framework that framework every framework I knew seemed to fit in. I took an additional answer booklet solely for this answer. Wrote some five pages”, he explained. (clearly, both of us were elated about cracking the exam)

“Ah! I should’ve thought of using all those fancy frameworks. Never occurred to me. I found one major point and just wrote that. Three paragraphs i think.? Maybe half a page”.

I ended up topping the course. He now works for McKinsey.

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