Effects of a long and busy weekend

I came in to work this morning to see > 400 unread items on my google reader! The only time it was higher I think was when I took a week off to go to Chickmaglur and Goa.

The weekend was long because our office decided that we deserve a Republic Day holiday on Friday to compensate for the day falling on a Saturday. These Americans just assume all the world is America!

And the weekend was busy also. I went to madras on Saturday (by Shatabdi) to attend the Odyssey quiz. Pota, Shamanth and I all had a bad afternoon as we failed to clear the finals cut off by a long way. Before the quiz, I had roamed around the area around Parrys Corner buying DVDs (more on that later). After the quiz, I met Baada and Beedi for dinner at Cedar.

Spent the night watching the Saarang Lone Wolf Quiz finals, hopped on to a taxi at around 5 am, and caught the 6 o’clock Shatabdi back. Had a haircut, watched tennis (was a great final), met some relatives and slept.

Friday was spent finishing up a lot of sundry bank and investment work. And had to take my mom to some Khadi sale. And there was the match in the morning.

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