Topalov Kramnik

What an amazing game it was. Mired in controversy following the “toiletgate” two years back, it was well worth it. Topalov played beautifully and I just can’t stop myself from seeing that game again and again.

I was looking around for some good analysis of the game, and what better than to see the winner explain the thing himself. I’m posting Topalov’s press conference here. It’s in two parts. He shows you the game and also keeps explaining the rationale behind each move and what he thinks Kramnik should have done and stuff.

Amazing stuff. Of course the purists will argue that this was a well prepared line so it wasn’t “that beautiful” but for someone trying to get back in touch with the game after ages, this is simply beautiful. Enjoy the games (I recommend you just see it here in the press conference; Topalov plays out the entire game)

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