10 years late but what the hell…

Don’t you think TIPS got the ordering on the Gupt tape horribly wrong? Isn’t the normal ordering something like all the good songs on Side A and the rest on B? And the side A songs are the ones that usually make it to Philips Top 10 and similar shows. Forget the title track which (justifiably) occurs thrice.

And what do we have on Side A? Duniya haseenon ka mela and Mere khwabon mein tu. And on Side B? mere sanam… yeh pyaar kya hai… yeh pyaasi mohabbat.. (some of you might have never heard these, blame the ordering for that ). and anyone who has watched the movie and seen kajol in these songs will be able to appreciate how awesome they are…

the album saw good sales anyways but wouldn’t it have been better if they’d shown a sensuous kajol in yeh pyaasi mohabbat rather than bobby deol dancing in a club in duniya haseenon ka mela?

is there anybody else in here who feels the way i do?

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