Holiday after the blasts

The funniest thing this afternoon following the bomb blasts in Bangalore was the decision by all software companies in the Hosur Road area to declare a holiday for the rest of the day. Here are a few reasons why I thought that’s an awful idea:

  • First of all, after the blasts, the police would’ve cordoned off the affected areas and the traffic situation will already be bad in these areas. Now, with busloads of these guys pouring in on the already bad traffic, you can rest assured things can’t get better soon. At least in terms of the traffic
  • If employees are in office, assuming that office complexes haven’t been targeted, they are relatively safer. Definitely much safer than being out there on the road stuck in a traffic jam.
  • (my mom came up with this one) If they are in office, then they have access to food and drink, so they can easily wait it out till the situation defuses and then get home. If you are caught in a jam, jai only will happen, for you don’t even know how long it will take.

If you can add any more points to this list, please leave a comment. And yes, I know you will point out that the office declaring a holiday gives an option for employees to leave whenever they want to rather than staying on till close of play. However, given that most IT types travel to work in office buses, they don’t have much of an option. Office closed means computer closed and into bus and getting ready for traffic jam.

2 thoughts on “Holiday after the blasts”

  1. Normally “noenthuda” to click on this site, come here and comment…but….just wanted to tell you, I agree with you and your amma…except

    If you are caught in a jam, jai only will happen

    You mean, if you are caught in a jam, jam ony will happen 🙂

    I also thought that declaring a holiday was a bad idea, also for the reason that it was giving in to the panic situation which probably the terrorists wanted to create.

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