Does anyone know the rules?

Yesterday I was suddenly reminded of this wonderful game that kept our mornings, lunch breaks and any other free time busy – Kalla Police. For the uninitiated, Kalla is the Kannada word for thief so this translates to “thief police”. So the game is obviously about catching thieves etc. Anyways this post is not for you so you can move on to the next item. Or maybe to the comments on this post (once they happen).

Coming to the initiated, who have played and have a good idea of what the game is all about. Basically I’ve forgotten the rules. Yes, we did have a set of rules (were fairly constant i think) and there was strict enforcement. I tried googling for it, but to no avail. I even did a google blog search, again without much luck. There were a couple of passing mentions but nothing that explained the rules.

So, I want you to remind me of the rules of Kalla Police. I know it varied from school to school, and even class to class and section to section in the same school. I know there are various versions. But please do write in with your version. I hope to soon have a repository of Kalla Police variations, with which I can recollect the version we used to play.

And oh yeah, I’m referring to the “physical version” of Kalla Police here, the one which involves running around and catching the thieves etc. Yesterday i made the mistake of asking a girl from my school for the rules and she started talking about some game which you play with chits (oh yeah, she happens to be from another section. my section girls would remember the real thing i think – they used to play with us.). That’s not something I’m looking for.

I’m waiting to hear from you people.

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