sober after drunk

i graduated yesterday. a non-descript graduation ceremony, except for the fact that Mukesh Ambani decided to bunk it so a SN Agarwal gave us our diplomas. Parents turned up. And we went for a dosa dinner after that.

Hit the dance floor at L^2 after a 3 hour long phone conversation, which left me with very mixed emotions. feeling fairly lousy actually. as soon as i hit the floor, i put in 2 glasses of whisky with coke and was instantly high. don’t remember being so drunk before. a wills classic milds didn’t help matters.

An hour later, figured out I’m wasting away my last L^2 by getting drunk! Then started the process of trying to become sober. Two cups of tea, two cartons of Frooti and a short chat with Neha all helped. This is the best part of the whole thing. On one hand, you’re totally in control of what you’re doing, and on the other you have enough josh left in you to hit the dance floor wheneve you want without feeling awkward!

Anyways, this is the first time I’ve been through a complete L^2 party. And stayed on the dance floor most of the time. The bandana moved to my right hand, I imagined a guitar in my hands, and didn’t mind making the knee portion of my jeans dirty. Helped stay on the floor!

A mixture of emotions now. Happy I’ve graduated. Sad I’m leaving this place. Excited I’m going to start on a corporate life. Sad I won’t have those carefree student days again. Looking forward to my one month of vacation. I’ll miss a lot of my friends. And yeah, some parts of my phone conversation still rankle.

That little bit of indiscretion. The little bit of getting carried away. And then, that little bit of my foot in my mouth – I could’ve probably wriggled out of the situation, but i chose not to. Yet another relationship in limbo.

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