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I’m all set to graduate. The convocation is scheduled for 6 pm tonight and our gowns will be handed over at 4 o clock. i just collected my “IIM Bangalore Batch of 2006” sweatshirt. however, the thing is yet to sink in. i still somehow can’t believe that I’ll be exiting IIMB so soon, and moving into the corporate world a month from now!

It’s totally different from two years ago when I got my BTech. I had bunked one day of IIMB to make the train journey to Madras. I knew that most of my friends were moving to the US for good, and it was one last chance to meet many of them. I had felt the buzz for almost the whole day. And then there was euphoria.

No such excitement now. Once again, I bunked the rehearsal. Went home in the morning for breakfast and lunch. Have done little else all of today. Parents, however, seem damn excited (it’s their first convo – they got all their degrees mailed home, and decided not to attend my IITM convo). The excitement, however, hasn’t quite percolated to me.

Anyways, I’ll get back to you people later in the evening after I’ve received my diploma. I know I’ve been quite irregular in updating of late, and it can get only worse as time goes by. I’ll be at home for the next one month, so won’t be updating much (dialup sucks). After that I’ll be starting work, and don’t know how much time I’ll have to write. However, the fact that at least one consultant I know blogs regularly gives me some hope!

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