With a heavy heart

I’ve started packing up my stuff to take home. The books and reading materials have been sorted out. the ones i’m taking are in one neat pile.

I’m currently gathering my stationary. Just put in that Hero pen with which I had written my JEE. And the reynolds pen-pencil which I had used for my CAT. 🙂 Then there are sundry Add Gels and Reynolds Racer Gels. Damn MARS for not stocking refills for the pens they sell. Ah, my mom would be really pleased to see a working stapler, adn so many pins. She won’t appreciate the post-its though. She thinks it’s some pseud fancy item I’ve picked up.

found a lot of money on the table. almost 20 bucks! put them in my wallet. then there’s that old blue penstand I’d bought when i was in 5th standard!

a whole lot of CDs. some empty, some with course material, some with music.

premier bookshop coupons. i heard it’s closing down, so better cash them fast.

passport size photographs. the rakhi my cousin had put on me last august. a lot of other sundry stuff.

they’ll all go to my car in a couple of hours and then go home! That day when I walked in and picked “G004” seems like it was just yesterday! how time flies!

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