What’s with Portsmouth and blacks?

I don’t know why but I’ve always thought of Portsmouth as a black team. I once happened to mention that to Baada, and he pointed out that it maybe because all of the defence and attack is black.

For example, in the recently concluded season, their first choice defence was Glen Johnson – Sol Campbell – Linvoy Primus – Djimi Traore – all black. And the first-choice attack was Kanu and Benjani (whose last name suggests he migrated from Eastern Rajasthan to Zimbabwe), with Lua Lua as cover. Again all black. It doesn’t help matters that the keeper David James doesn’t look 100% white!

Now, Harry Redknapp’s recent signings have given further credence ot Portsmouth as a black club. His most high-profile signings so far (Bramble, Distin and now Muntari) are all black.

I’m wondering what it is with Portsmouth and blacks. Why is it that they have a significantly higher number of blacks than most Premiership teams? Is it because Portsmouth is a black area (i don’t know this) and hence the club has a significant black fan following? Rather, does it have a large African immigrant population, and hence people like Kanu will be a big draw?

On a larger scale, what is it that causes us to associate teams with races? For example, about half the Liverpool team speaks spanish, but that’s understandable since Rafa is spanish (I tried to construct an all-spanish speaking liverpool squad, and got in 9 players – all except the forwards and one central defender. Reina; Arbeloa, Pelletta,_____, Insua; Luis Garcia, Mascherano, Alonso, Gonzales; ____? , ____ ) . The same can be used to explain the number of Portuguese in the Chelsea squad, or the number of French guys who used to play for Arsenal.

But Redknapp is a WASP, so that doesn’t solve matters regarding Portsmouth. Anyone has any explanation?

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