The JEE Topper’s ambitions

Mint has done a feature on this year’s JEE topper (free registration required). Some guy from some small town in Punjab, who went to the Bansal Factory in Kota during vacations for his JEE coaching.

Two things stand out from the article. The way some people mug for the JEE is nicely described

A number of young aspirants, age 15 and above, leave home to live in boot camp-like atmospheres in places such as Kota in Rajasthan, where coaching institutes help them prepare for the exam.
The more interesting thing, however, is the topper guy’s stated next goal

His next challenge: he wants a girlfriend.

I mean it’s interesting if you are an outsider-types. Hardly if you’ve almost been there done that. You’ve just cracked the JEE. The next thing you expect is a number of girls to lineup in front of you with their CVs right? Unfortunately a large number of us think so every year. And a large number of us remain single even say seven years later!?


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