Having been to two schools with a strong campus lingo, I find it difficult to talk in “normal English”, and often break off into a combination of IITM and IIMB dialects! only saving grace is that a part of it is common to a number of other campuses in India, so people do understand me.

The other day I was telling God that every new school you go to, your vocabulary expands. He counterd by saying that it could even contract and there’s hajaar polymorphism in most lingo. For example, the number of meanings “put” has in IITM can even rival “set”.

Of course, I’m extremely proud of the fact that I’ve been party to introduction of a number of new words to the IIMB lexicon. Words like “are” (means really good or really awesome), or “jai” (borrowed from RVCE which in turn is borrowed from gen Bangalore Kannada slang, but given a whole lot of new meanings). Are.

Anyways, I’ve put enough cock now, so I’ll tell jai. But wait, just have a look at this arely are MA thesis (came out a year back but don’t think i’ve linked to it yet, so doing it now):

Click to access MAthesis_EvelynRichter.pdf

PS: two of my most popular “tags” – general and arbit are campus lingo!

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