pertinent observations

During an ego-surfing binge yesterday, I found that searching for “pertinent observations” turns up this blog as the first result. And googling for “skthewimp” also yields similar results.

Of course, having a common name such as Karthik or having an english word such as “SKimpy” as a nickname does complicate matters – my blog shows up nowhere in the first few pages if you google for either of these. My oldest nickname “SK” falls in the same category – again too common a set of initials for me to be significant.

My other nickname “Wimpy” yields better results though – notwithstanding popeye and the burger joint. This blog ranks seventeenth (as of yesterday) in all searches for “wimpy”. However, searching for “wimp” doesn’t yield much luck.

Combinations of names of course yields much better results “karthik wimpy” and “sk wimpy” both lead to this blog. interestingly “karthik skimpy” throws up my defunct blogspot account (which i use only for commenting) as the first result, with this being a close second! maybe it’s got to do with google’s bias for blogger!

Anyways the search threw up some other interesting stuff. For example THE’s description of how i got my nickname (it’s a long and painful post, ctrl+F for wimpy to find the relevant part) and some of my other posts.

Oh yeah, the search also led to the first ever twisted shout story written by kodhi. Good stuff. Unfortunately for reasons unknown to us, we stopped that journal in the second year. Else I would’ve had another nice bullet point in my CV!

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