How do you guys know each other?

It’s happened twice in two weeks so it’s not funny. Two sundays back, I bump into Vyshnavi and Kavya at the Deep Purple concert. Last monday, I see Kuku (as in arvind, not ) and Ranjani at a Barista. And each time there are three of us simultaneously asking one another “how do you guys know each other?”

Ranjani was my classmate at NPS and Kuku was with me at my JEE coaching factory. As far as I remember, I can’t think of any “affiliation group” they are both part of. She went to RV, he to BMS. They haven’t worked together, they haven’t been to the same school for sure. So I ask them “how do you guys know each other?” And it so happens they choose the very moment to ask the rest of us the same! (for the record, Kuku and Ranjani didn’t know each other till ten minutes before I met them, and they were at Barista meeting a common friend)

Vyshnavi and Kavya were my classmates in two different schools. So I meet Vyshnavi at the concert and see this girl with her who looks extremely familiar but I can’t place her. Since I know vyshnavi through “the SAMS affiliation group”, I search in the SAMS list in my head to try and place the other female. I can obviously not place her since Kavya was not in SAMS – she wsa my classmate at NPS! So after a round of apologies, I pop the usual “how do you guys know each other”! (as it turned out, in this case too those two had met ten minutes before i met them – they had come to the concert on the meherbani of a common frined who had supplied them passes)

Interesing “social graph” these occasions display. A very strong “rectangle” (consider me, the two friends i’m meeting and their common friend to be the four nodes) and a “weak diagonal” (my two friends who had met ten minutes before) and an even weaker second diagonal (on both occasions i’m introduced to the common friend).

I’m wondering about the incidence of such “diagonal less rectangles” in our circles..,. probably i need to get data from orkut and check it out…

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