Placements drawing near

As I had told you guys earlier, our campus placements begin on Friday. Till yesterday I was quite peaceful, and wasn’t letting that bother me too much. No “exam fever”, no stress, no tension; just plain chilling out, playing wing cricket and stick cricket, and the occasional mock case interview.

Last night I was chatting with a friend from IIMC. He has been placed with Phi. He started telling me about the interview process at IIMC, and how Phi, Ksi and Omicron have all made a good number of offers there. Just hope that they keep up the numbers here also, and hopefully increase it.

Somehow, it’s now sunk into me that ‘the process’ has begun. I feel the twang of tension. Have started stuttering like a parrot ever since. Hopefully I should be able to maintain my cool on the D-day.

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