Mulk Raj Anand, in his short story “Old Bapu” had written something to the effect of “when death is near, all significant events of your life start flashing in your head” (don’t remember the exact line, this is approximately correct though).

Must say today has been a day of heavy day-dreaming. Shut all my books at noon, and am “trying to chill”. going home, going on a long drive through the busy traffic in the middle of the city, playing wing cricket, eating lots of curd rice for dinner… yeah i know i’m bullshitting here but who cares!

Coming back to the point i was trying to make, I’ve been remembering lots of stuff that have happened to me over the last few years. some great, some good, some that makes me stab myself with an imaginary knife, some that make me want to jump out of the corridor here…

Anyways, I’m telling you perhaps for the third time that placements start tomorrow. Hope to sleep well tonight.

And as they said in a recent movie, “Some people die screaming… some die silent… but then there are these people of a third kind… “

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