Final term syndrome

Had what are probably the last two exams of my life yesterday and today. Was characterized by a total lack of enthu among the people, and early walkouts.

Yesterday was Financial Time Series Analysis, which most people had little clue of. Most people had given up on the course in the first couple of weeks itself and I don’t think too many people bothered to study for the exam. Everyone knew they are going to get killed.

Rang De Basanti talks about a third kind of people, the kind of people who die laughing. And that we did, as we laughed our way into the exam hall, waiting to be massacred. The fun started two minutes into the exam when a German guy walked out to a thundering applause.

It was a matter of a few minutes before the hall was half empty, with even toppers like taking the long walk back. It did help, however, that there were a few easy multiple choice questions, so everyone had an opportunity to open their accounts at least!

Today we had IAFPR, with 20 short answer questions, a really good question paper compared to the crap the prof had dished out in the mid-term (opinion-based MCQs). One hero decided to walk in 10 minutes late, and to his discomfiture, wasn’t let in! Reason being had decided to walk out after one minute! After answering maybe a couple of questions!

Anyways I’ve seen the last of that exam hall. Nostalgia is yet to set in. However, I have a FTSA assignment to complete before I can shout “i’m an MBA”.

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