Queen of hearts

You are playing a game of bridge. You bid for, say, “six spades”. The lead happens, dummy comes down (people who don’t know bridge just assume that the first few cards have come down to the table) and you take stock of the situation.

Given the bidding, your cards, your partner’s cards and the lead, you figure out that there is only very slim chance that you will make the contract you have bid for. After careful analysis you see that the only chance for you to win is if the Queen of Hearts is with West. What the bridge experts advice you to do in such a case is to just assume that the queen of hearts is with west and play on.

If she were indeed with west, you will make the contract; else there was no way you were going to make the contract anyway.

Extending this to life, if you think the only way you can achieve something is if a certain thing happens and you don’t know if the certain thing is happening or not, just assume that the thing is happening and get on with life. If the thing did happen, you accomplish your goal. If it didn’t there was no way you were going to accomplish it anyway!

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