Bad question papers

A few days back, I had cribbed about the really arbit mid-term paper of the Contemporary Economic Scenario (CES) course. Just back from the end-term and it ended up being no better.

The end-term had two divisions, each forty five minutes long. And both of them were “fill in the blanks/short answer” type question papers. The first was a fairly short paper, six questions, and included stuff like “Name one Asian country whose stock market outperformed India last year” and “According to the professor, what is the illustration given to prove that Greenspan was wrong in 1999?“.

In effect, one could crack this paper if and only if he/she mugged up the entire 80 pages of notes meticulously prepared by the prof.

The second part of the end-term also lived up to the rest of the course. It was purely fill in the blank type with probably some of the vaguest possible questions. Included stuff like “Bilateral trade agreements can have ________ or _______ effects” or “The Singapore issues consist of _________, _________, _________ and ________“. Again of the totally muggoo type. Only difference being this portion didn’t have negative marking, so there was some scope for creativity!

Just to remind you that this course is taken by three of the best faculty in the Economics department. And they come up with such rotten quesiton papers. Just hope that the grading is good, else it might get a little dicey!

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