Watch out

Due to some allergic reaction of the skin on the back of my right palm, I’ve had to shift my watch from my right wrist to my left. It’s a fairly heavy Titan watch, something my left hand is not used to carrying. And I wear it almost always, which means my right hand feels incomplete without it!

Anyways, the transfer of the watch from one arm to another seems to have turned everything topsy turvy. The whole world seems to have become suddenly laterally inverted. I suddenly feel left-handed. My right hand reaches down to change gears while I’m driving. Thankfully it doesn’t extend to my legs, so I don’t end up pressing the accelerator instead of the clutch.

I slowly seem to be recovering. At least now I observe that I’m not switching the keys of the keyboard… like typing “s” instead of “l” or “i” instead of “e”. Oh yeah, I’ve kept my watch aside now. So much better off to feel naked than to see the world ulta-pulta!

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