striking similarities…

During one of those deep introspective sessions yesterday evening, i started wondering which sportsperson i could be like. here are the characteristics I listed out.

— I am highly talented. At least in a lot of stuff I am good at.

— I am extremely lazy. I hate working out (haven’t yet seen the inside of a gym). I hate exercising. I hate running around. This applies to the mind also. I hate studying for exams. I hate spending a lot of time on assignments. I hate practicing stuff. I feel I’m so talented that I don’t need any of this kind of work to do well.

— I am extremely arrogant. If i don’t like someone/something I’m not afraid to give them a piece of my mind.

— I am extremely straightforward, and can sometimes border on the undiplomatic.

— I like footage. I like getting a lot of publicity. And while interacting with the public i can be prone to shooting off my mouth.

— I think I can be a good leader if I am given a dedicated team. However, when there is some bit of dissent, my quality of leadership drops.

— I tend to rely on past laurels to see me through. I am prone to entering bad patches frequently and point out a few of my good performances to justify that i’m good.

— I am not averse to repositioning myself in order to have my way.

— If I want to, I can be quite shameless at times.

And I can think of only one sportsperson who seems to fit all the above characteristics. Of course, I’m not elegant. I’m not too politically inclined. I’m not bong. Well, you must’ve guessed it by now; the sportsperson who I am most similar to seems to be Sourav Chandidas Ganguly.

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