Frequency of blogging

When I started writing this journal, I used to write around once a month. Each post use to be long-drawn and by itself a complete story. I cared a lot for the quality of writing that went in.

Then, after I wrote my first short post, the frequency suddenly increased. Now, not too much effort was required for putting in a post, so I managed to easily increase my frequency of blogging. However, typically I left a couple of days between posts, so that people would get the time to “absorb” and “assimilate” it.

Internship happened and I would be jobless for long hours. Gave me ample time to write three posts a day. And my classmates who were also interning had enough time to read the generous crap dished out by me. If you see my archives you can see that the frequency drastically goes up for April and May 2005.

Anyways, I then remember this marketing concept called cannibalization. If I put up two posts too close to each other, the second will cannibalize the first, and take attention away from the first, thus in effect killing the first post. So I bring down the frequency to around once a week.

Then I come up with a couple of posts which have a huge readership. One of them gets linked to by desipundit and indiauncut. Now I’m get conscious about quality and reduce frequency further. After a point of time, i see no point in this blog.

Wait till I come up with a “masterpiece” before I publish it? How will I know that a particular post is going to be a “hit”? That is not the way I live life. The only way I know to do it is to just publish as soon as I think I have a piece ready, and let the people decide. It is like the way I play football, or basketball for that matter. Get free of the defenders, make space, collect a pass and kick it in the general direction of the goal. And pray. On a given day, I do this 20 times. And manage to get 3-4 goals in the process.

This is my way of life. This is how I play my football. This is how I play basketball. This is the philosophy I followed in the CAT. Guess the same should apply to blogging also? Anyways, you can expect more frequent posts by me in the next two months.

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