poem about me…

After the fan mail and stuff, Beedi has been kind (??!!!?) enough to write a poem about me. really takes my case. really rapes me. still somehow I thought it needs to be displayed here so i’m putting it…

He went through so much pain
for a a girl named ________
if only he had not tried to get her

He waited a whole year
without shedding a tear
fo surely then next batch of AVB scholars would be better

And then came the L square
with a red bandana in his hair

he twisted aroun and began to shout
he got drunk on a peg of whisky
and began to dance about

skimpy and the avb scholar
as he tried call out to her
there was a simple twist of fate
and in came sharad seth

poor skimpy was dejected
he said “i have a fear of being rejected”
Never mind said ramnath
just remeber to take a bath
and about the girls do not bother
for you are your own avb scholar

non-IIMB people would definitely have a problem relating to a lot of things mentioned here (sharad seth, ramnath, L square, etc.) but never mind…

Manasi (the scholar in question) replied

In vain tried the detractors to drag Skimpy’s name thro the dust,
Without realizing they were being both unfair and unjust.

For, while they were busy making their arbit allegations (please note
alliteration and pun on arbit :))
Never did they consult other parties involved in the investigations

Never did he try to woo, never did he try to entice,
All Skimpy did to the AVB scholars was give them friendly advice

Therefore, ye all, who so delight in barbed taunts,
Consider this – Skimpy neednt try; he can get any girl he wants 🙂

then Beedi produced what is now considered as perhaps the greatest piece of poetry to hit our discussion boards…
And the prosecutor rose
to put his arguments into prose
though you may shout and though you may twist
the truth shal not be covered in mist

according krishna kumar t,
(who i hope gives me atleast a C)
to take a decision
of any presicion
one must use all relevant information

i have a list of long witnesses to testify
and my accusations they will justify

i call upon the president of the student’s union
and use his formal appointment
to tell us what wimpy claims as his only dissappointment

as my next witness i call
someone who is very tall
can u sir not elucidate
the matter on which we meditate

i now call upon all my batchamtes
who were present for those L2s, no matter what their states
to tell us about those fated dates.
tell us how you all watched,
as wimpy had his wooing botched

as my finall witnees i call upon
wimpy’s red bandana,which was worn
please sir tell the law
what you really saw

i could call the spirit of kodi
a memeber of the press and so almost holy
but that i will not try
for he has his own avb scholar to fry

with this i could rest my case
but i am not one so base
as to overlook
all the good in wimpy’s book

a guy with the best brain
who refused to let it drain
by a man named morgan with lot of cash
but with work which he thought was trash

wimpy, the quizzer,
is defenitely not a looser
if you have seen spidi you will see
how great wimpy can be,

but when it comes to scholars of the avb type
wimpy doesnt live up to his hype

and so i request that sentence be mild
for wimpy is not one so wild
so that we can all be the winner
i petition that wimpy take us out to dinner

I will be taking him out for dinner today

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