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Have this course called “Tracking Creative Boundaries” this term. We get artistes from various fields every week and they talk about their art and the creative process that goes behind it. The following is the text of the midterm question paper, which was “take home”. Submitted it early this morning. Prof would go through our answers and then there would be an individual viva!

\begin{question paper}

1) Do you want to identify your core barrier? (yes/no)

a. Is your core barrier represented here? (yes/no)
b. If not, write it down and that is at the root of your core incompetence.

a. Are you willing to do what it takes to overcome that? (yes/no)
b. What support system (or buddy system) do you need?
c. How can others reach you and remind you?

a. What do you enjoy doing? (What do you lose yourself in?)
b. What do you enjoy thinking about? (talking about, reflecting about)
c. What do you enjoy learning about? (you learn quickly and develop rapidly what you are interested and have talent)
d. What do you enjoy as a process? (writing letters, singing, talking)


a. Identify three competencies that you are good at.
b. Identify three competencies that you would like to develop over the next year

a. If you could share one bit of wisdom, what would it be?
b. Is there anything you’d be willing to put it all on the line for? If so, what?
c. What has been the most important lesson you have learned in your life? Why?
d. What is the basic philosophy of your life?

\end{question paper}

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