fan mail…

some “fan mail” that i’ve gotten… in a small chit in a “postal envelope” with a Rs. 5 stamp… reproducing the whole thing here verbatim…

Hai Karthik,
First of all i really hope this letter reaches you coz i don’t have a clue how to get to you; all por little me wanted to do was express the esteemed regards that i hold for you.
I really hope you don’t take this as a practical joke. To introduce myself – I’m a doc….. (hope sex dosent matter!)
Dude, its such a pleasure to read through the articles you’ve contributed; considering the fact you guys are considered “gods of geeks”! one would wonder if you guys have time for small pleasures!
I prefer to remain anonymous for the time being. but please check your postal mails often!
I would like to end ; a note “Wise Men Possess Ideas, Most Of Us Are Possessed By Them”

Sincerely Yours

Ps: You seem so entertaining in your articles, do you belly dance by any chance 🙂 chill

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