six and out: part 3

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Getting to the main thing now…

Dear Mom,

Today’s L^2 party was good. Had a lot of fun. I mean the last one I attended was over seven months ago. Initially was a little hard to get involved in the action but then later managed to quite enjoy myself. I must tell you that I didn’t drink (psst… had a couple of *drops* of rum and vodka). I didn’t need to. I told you I’m on a perennial high right? And as always, the best part of the party was the conversation I had for the last hour with a couple of KT (kannada type) juniors.

The party was sponsored by our juniors who won the AVB scholarship this year. And i trust they didn’t have half as much fun as we did last year. Probably the fact that they were all girls while we were two guys and two girls made the difference. They came quietly, cut a cake, at all of it, danced for a few minutes and left. The sidelines, though were interesting.

One guy, a regular drunkard, got drunk again and took to hugging some exchange females. Another, who was in the final scholarship shortlist but didn’t make it, got drunk for the first time in his life and had to be carried back to his room. Felt a little sorry for him.

Then there was this regular quota of outsiders who unfailingly turn up whenever the booze is free. There was one pretty girl but it looked like she had come with her boyfriend. Those people were around even when I left the party half an hour ago.

Attending a party after seven months, it was initially difficult to settle in. There seemed to be some fixed groups on the floor and I didn’t seem to connect with any of them. Did some brownian motion and proceeded to talk to a few drunk friends. Still hadn’t gotten hang of the party. Tried dancing but my cellphone kept in my shirt pocket fell off and the LCD is broken. Dunno if i’ll be able to fix it. Oh god, it belongs to dad’s office right?

Then I came back to my room, kept the phone, changed into a more comfortable cotton shirt, tied my red bandana (to prevent sweat enterign my injured-forever (thanks to ) left eye). People said I looked like a VHP activist. Don’t mind that comparison actually.

Suddenly the party took a turn for the better. Music got better. I got headbanging. The bandana slowed down the rush of blood to my brain, thus getting me higher. Managed to gel with some juniors and a few batchmates.

People kept talking to me about falling in front of girls and hugging them (reminding me of episode one). Didn’t find any of the girls there huggable or fall-at-feet-able. Got a little senti though when i remembered i had had a fifteen second crush on a number of them. Nothing untoward happened.

Then I met 3 KT juniors and we got talking – about how people from NPS indiranagar have a lot of attitude and stuff. Was damn good fun. And the music got worse. Some arbit punjoo stuff. Dunno how people can tolerate those songs. There were a couple of English songs in between but they were rudely cut out leading to shouts of “DJ sucks” by the exchange students.

Finally made a move when I realized more value couldn’t be added by the party.

Once again, mom, I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot also. I know better how people behave when drunk. I was able to do soem arbit research on social networks (nohting concrete though). Lots of other stuff I learnt which i’ve subsequently forgotten.

Yeah, i’m going out for lunch today. Will be back home for dinner. And yeah, more importantly, the running nose I had at the beginning of the party seems to have stopped running now.


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