dark side of the mom

called up my mom today and told her i’ll be going home only late in the evening tomorrow because we have a party on campus tonight. she went on this long senti trip saying why i shouldn’t booze.

sample this: “don’t you like those cute babies that come in the johnson ads? if you booze, your blood will get corrupted and you’ll get ugly babies”; or “look we’re not from that kind of a family. and drinking is not part of our culture so you shouldn’t drink”; or “i’ll refuse to help you out with chickfinding and even if ;you find someone i’ll convince her that you’re a drunkard and convince her to ditch you”; anyways, the “best case” that was mentioned was that i won’t be allowed home.

dad was a little more pragmatic. he said “look at some point or the other you’ll want to live with us. and such things are not tolerated in our house. so if you want to booze keep in mind that you’ll get thrown out of the house”…

ten minutes of senti later, my mom asked me to promise her that i won’t booze. i told her that i won’t but i can’t promise. i told her that i don’t believe in breaking promises and wouldn’t like to promise in something like this where i may not be able to keep it. more senti.

mom said that she’ll come to my room early tomorrow and make sure i didn’t drink tonight. i start laughing loudly. then mom says that i’m already high and might have started already. i try explain to her that of late i’ve been perennially high.

she fails to understand, puts lots of senti and says “i won’t talk to you” and slams the phone down…

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