amma ke fundae…

my cousin’s recent wedding was weird – the reception was on wednesday evening and the wedding on thursday morning. and it so happened that due to other commitments, etc. i attended the reception and my parents attended the wedding. here follows the approximate (and translated) transcript of a phone conversation with my mom yesterday night…

I: Mom, I must tell you, for a change, I saw a few pretty girls at yesterday’s wedding
Mom: You’re right. Even I saw quite a few pretty faces today.
I: hmmm..
Mom: Did you make an effort to find out who they are?
I: No, which is why i’ve been telling you i missed you at the wedding. Had no way to find out. And no one to ask for a second opinion. Even putti (my cousin who i’m pretty clsoe to) wasn’t around.
Mom: I thought when i told you I’m not going for the reception but for the wedding instead, you’d get the cue and change your plans. This is what happens if you don’t listen to me.
I: ok…
Mom: Anyways, there’s a wedding in Mysore next month. The same crowd is expected there. And now you have another good reason to come there. And this time, if you notice something tell me so that we can try make some progress.
I: (speechless) ok i’ll come
(hang up)

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