boring stuff….

had been to my cousin’s wedding reception yesterday. didn’t meet too many people so got bored. set me thinking about our “culture”…

the other day I was seeing the photos of a northie friend’s wedding. looked like it was a lot of fun – at least from the looks of it (i haven’t attended any northie wedding). While ours is purely ritual based and apart from catching up with relatives and friends, there’s no fun.

Similarly with our festivals. once again they’re majorly ritual based and the only good thing about them is the networking part – visiting each other’s homes either to see a hundred ganeshas or to distribute eLLu on sankranthi. no way you can have fun by yourself!

the other day i was telling my mom how disinterested i was in the festivals and that the only festivals i liked are diwali and holi. and she flared up saying “but they are not big festivals for us – they’re north indian festivals. how can you not like ugadi, ganesha, *several species of small festivals*, etc.? ”

*lost the flow here, so i’ll stop*

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