My parents expect too much out of me. And i’m not able to live up to it. And whenever I tell them that they start putting senti and talk about moral obligations and similar crap.

Why don’t they understand that I can lead my own life? Why do they still treat me as a kid? Why do they feel they want to take the decisions for me and tell me what is right and wrong? Why can’t they simply let me lead my own life and allow market forces to take over, and allow me to figure out for myself what is right and wrong?

Stuff like “we brought you up in a disciplined manner which is why you are such a stud today” or “look we’ve gotten you a car and stuff” or “when we were kids we never got … ” or “we love you so much and … ”

I am extremely thankful to them in bringing me up the way they did – which has made me academically brilliant and moderately socially challenged. Times have changed, so don’t compare to what happened when they were kids. Yeah I know they love me a lot and I am damn happy about that. And I don’t really want the car, I can travel by bus/auto. All I want is freedom. All I want is to lead my own life.

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