Consolidating blogs

For the last year and a bit, I’ve maintained two other blogs – one on public policy, and the other on data and pricing and other “work stuff”. The idea was to keep the profound “work stuff” separate from all the nonsense that I write on this blog. Dedicated blogs could have dedicated readers who follow me for dedicated stuff, without being burdened by stuff that they wouldn’t normally care about.

Looking back, the experiment hasn’t gone particularly well. The “work blog” especially hardly gets any hits, and that is not something I’m particularly happy with. More importantly, I think people look at me as a “package” – the reason they follow noenthuda is that they expect to read a variety of stuff here, not my views on a particular kind of stuff. And so it perhaps makes no real sense to separate out my three blogs, thus not presenting readers the full repertoire of my fundaes!

You might have noticed that you don’t find my real name anywhere on this blog. I mean if you were to search for it, you might find it linked to the blog, but I’ve so far taken care to not put my name here. This is to ensure some kind of plausible deniability since I write a lot of possibly politically incorrect stuff on this blog. So the stuff I write on petromaxes and goalkeepers should not appear to anyone who wants to read me for my fundaes on “data strategy”. Keeping my three blogs separate allows me to maintain this plausible deniability while also letting my friends know that all three are written by the same person, etc. (I once did a google search for my full name, and this blog was not found on the first page of results. The other two were).

I’ve been thinking about this, and considering the abysmal readership of my other blogs, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should integrate all three of them, here. So starting the first of January, I will be putting all my blogs here, on this blog. I’ll also be importing all my old posts from my other two blogs here, so that you can find everything in one place. And since the cloak of plausible deniability will then be blown, I’m going to take down some of my old possibly incriminating posts. So make the most of the next four days to read my archives!

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