Return to corporate whoredom

Waking up early in the morning
Formal shirt and trousers, neatly pressed
An hour’s commute each way

Conversations by the water cooler
Team lunches; Expense accounts
Hourly coffee breaks

Meetings. Conference calls. Presentations
Studs. Fighters. Free-riders.
Reviews. Deadlines. Status reports.

Salary credit!

8 thoughts on “Return to corporate whoredom”

  1. congrats da!

    business travel. late night meetings.
    bitching. back-biting. office politics.
    appraisals. increments. obscene bonuses.

    bosses. co-workers. receptionists.
    cubicles. corner offices. potted plants.
    vacations. sabbaticals. retirement.

  2. congrats dear. so happy to know about your new venture!!

    so where have you joined ? I am also looking for a job, you have an opening in your organization.

    I hope you enjoy this new place.


  3. You should reply when asked something. I took all pains to come here and post. Give me your mail id if this is not the right place to talk.

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