Lazy Post – Search Phrases Leading To This Blog

this is yet another “lazy post”. One for which I don’t really need to do too much work. Harithekid recently brought out a list of search terms that have resulted in people hitting his blog. Looking through my google analytics statistics, I find quite a few funny/unusual phrases that have led to people reaching my blog, so I thought I should share it with you.

I don’t want to make this list too long, since some good stuff might get lost in that case. So if you think you reached my blog by searching for a phrase that you thought was interesting and you don’t find that in this list, my apologies. Maybe next time I’ll include the phrase that you searched for in order to land up here.

The top spot of course goes for “pertinent observations”. This is closely followed by people searching for “noenthuda”. Maybe because I’ve never put my real name anywhere on this site, there aren’t many searches for “karthik” either as a word or in combination with other words that lead up to here.

Ok so getting to the gems:

  1. “iit madras” + blog + girls
  2. bitchy logos
  3. broken engagement second thoughts
  4. gay in iimb
  5. how to avoid absent mind with south indian food
  6. how to make my husband stop consuming alcohol
  7. positive black relationships
  8. top reasons marriage engagements break in pakistan
  9. why don’t northies learn a new language
  10. does mckinsey employee non iits
  11. hypothesis for muslims are not terrorist
  12. bleeding hearts by nassim taleb reviews

So I think this is a good time to ask you how you stumbled across my blog. Did you reach here by way of searching for something unusual? Or did you find link to blog on someone else’s blog? Or is it through twitter? Or facebook? Or through a friend’s google reader shared items? Do leave a comment and let me know.

15 thoughts on “Lazy Post – Search Phrases Leading To This Blog”

  1. me, came across ur blog through a friend’s blog..i am such an ardent fan of that blog that one fine day i went through all the links on that blog and landed up here..
    found this one interesting, smetimes amusin..:D

  2. Found a link to your LJ blog on Mohan KV’s (IITM chap, a few years your junior) blog. Subscribed to it back then.

    I wasn’t aware that people Googled for such troubles as “how to avoid absent mind with south indian food”. Correlation-causation disclaimers notwithstanding, Google appears to be making us stupid(er).

    1. well, i don’t lie. i never lie. whatever list i’ve put here is the truth, the hole truth and nothing but truth

      1. Um- I’m sorry if the tone of my comment was insinuating. I was expressing genuine surprise, that’s all.

        I can’t see why anyone might want to lie about this stuff in the first place.

        (As an aside)

    1. thanks. yeah LJ has this “community feel” whatever, because of which peopel end up following people they don’t know, i suppose.

      now the same thing happens wtih twitter.

  3. You know how i landed on your blog..but i want to know how these search terms led to your blog..stuff like bitchy logos (what does it even mean??), Gay in IIMB (my favorite..i wonder what the searcher’s intention was in that term and how it linked with your blog), husband alcohol, black relationships, marriage in pakistan..whoa, mind boggles at the thought that people even search for such escoteric stuff..

    1. i have written posts about “a real bitchy post” and some random stuff about logos, i suppose.

      and i have no clue about the gay in IIMB

  4. I detect a note of scorn in that reply…I am no fan of Twitter, but yes, LJ has given me many face-to-face as well as never-met-and-not-likely-to friends. And they are *real* friends now, not “LJ friends”.

  5. Stumbled upon ur blog through twitter..The NED idea makes super sense.. I only wonder how u find time to update this much thru blogs..such thought-provoking stuff..

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