Vyaasa and correlated hedges (and louvvu)

Some follow-up over my yesterday’s post on louvvu. This is a little arbit so if you are the serious  types, you needn’t read on.

I’ve been told by my “ex-bladees” that i can become ferocious and scary when I’m putting blade. I don’t konw what it is about me, but it seems i become very intense when putting blade and that immediately puts the woman off and she gets scared of me. This reminds me of Veda Vyaasa. Vichitravirya’s wives were paranoid when he came to them in order to help them prolong the Kuru dynasty. One shut her eyes so tight that the kid was born blind. The second went so pale that the kid was born paler than Nicole Kidman and Andres Iniesta put together. And for the third night, they just decided to send a maid.

The difference between then and now was that back then the women were forced to sleep with Vyaasa just to ensure the continuity of their dynasty. They had no choice. Now, though, if the woomaans see a ferocious blader, they’ll just run away. Ignore. Become hostile. And I don’t think it’s been pre-ordained that I’m going to be instrumental in the prolongation of any dynasty. I think I should just stick to writing stories.

Over the last few days, I’ve been on high amplitude high frequency. Hyperactivity intervowen with extreme NED. I realize I’m a flow person. When things are going fine in general, I’m able to do everything else also quite well. Assume that for hedging purposes I do more than one thing at a time. If something goes bad in one of those, then it pulls down my performance in the rest too. It affects my form in general. It’s something like VVS Laxman losing badly in a game of tennis. And finding the next morning that he can’t hold a cricket bat.

So yeah, given that I’m a bad blader, if I do end up putting blade in the case I described yesterday, I have a feeling it might have a much bigger impact in life. Because the different threads in my life are usually so intervowen, I rarely come across a “nothing to lose” case. I cansay “i have nothing to lose but my form… ” but my form is critical. So I don’t know if I should be willing to lose it.

Ok I’ve written this late night so I might be rambling a bit. But I suppose you get the gist of it. As for the case I described yesterday, I think I’ll go for the long shot. I’ll assume I’m just practising. And go for it. If I do succeed, great. Else, all i lose is my form 😛

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  1. oh i learned the story differently. They were both asked to be naked. But one decided she would wear a little bit of cloth to cover her modesty, and the other decided to cover herself with turmeric. which is why their children were born blind and with yellow fever. The maid followed the rules and gave birth to a normal healthy baby (Vidur I think, who became a minister)

  2. That should be some non-standard version, as it doesn’t occur in vyAsa-mahAbhArata as translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli.

    I will also mention that according to to Kisari Mohan Ganguli’s translation :
    “Satyavati having succeeded with great difficulty in procuring the assent of her virtuous daughter-in-law to her proposal which was not inconsistent with virtue, then fed Brahmanas and Rishis and numberless guests who arrived on die occasion.’

    So as per the story consent was obtained!

    1. ok i read this in Ramesh Menon’s Mahabharata.

      of course consent was obtained from the princesses. but still they got really scared when Vyaasa arrived to sleep with them

  3. Your RSS has not been working for me for the last week or so. I use Bloglines Beta. And I tried subscribing to the atom feed, but it says I’m already subscribed to this blog.

    1. oh ok
      i checked and it seems fine. i use feedburner for my feeds btw. hope you’re subscribing to the feedburner feed.

  4. Unsolicited comments from someone who basically likes you (through your posts) – your spark & originality – a lot.

    While I had fun reading and commenting on your posts on options and “blading”, I saw it all as a joke.

    Now I see this post – you coming across as intense, ferocious, scary etc. That is a clear warning sign. You need to lay off your current attitude when it comes to your hunt for a soul-mate.

    While I’ve got to admit: all that derivatives talk was fun, I shudder to think of someone with that “mindset” hooking up with any woman dear to me (like a niece) – and I honestly wouldn’t set you up with any of the bright, beautiful 20-year olds in our extended family. FYI, my folks are also Kannada Brahmana-types.

    A woman at her best: is not, intrinsically, and necessarily, a bladee. She is someone who laughs & is moved & can teach & can be a pain-in-the-ass & surprise you & everything else that is …. possible … and uncertain. She is especially not just a sperm-receptacle. Nor is she someone who just brings home a pay-check (even if she’s a hedge-fundie). She is not a means to an end – especially your “end”.

    Most importantly, she defies, as do some of the most important things in life like (love and generosity) the “rational expectations” mould. I’m not saying “women are irrational” or making some such similar almost vacuous, trite cliche (analogous to how BehavioralEcon types misinterpret Rational Expectations).

    So I’m not being negative about her. I AM being negative about RatnlExptns. Since you read some Economics, and apparently use modelling in Finance, you may know something about RE. It is a dazzling device for the economic theorists amongst us to play with, but quite dangerous otherwise in its power to delude practitioners into believing they know all the unknowns. Sort of like what Taleb (no hero of mine) says in terms of its “risk-management” implications. (Except, he evidently doesn’t know much else of econ theory). And we all know what “risk management” in spouse-hunts means.

    I’m being positive about that woman you should aspire to meet – she may open your heart and mind to a dazzling light, and enable you both to experience a serene state of peace, or she may even (your prior credentials notwithstanding) awaken in you the most creative of fires that you ever will have. She is simply who she happens to be. She is to be wondered at, to be held delicately because she may open doors to new unforeseen joys etc etc etc. And, if she is even slightly evolved, she would want all these same things from you.

    In contrast, if and when you treat your next potential bladee as an object to be evaluated on a pre-conceived scale (mother to your progeny, volle kesari bhath maadodhu, writer of a compound option, etc), you are pretty much giving her a clear signal about the “best” she can expect from you. You come across as a fellow IIT-M “success” who once described his marriage search with the phrase: “All I need is the hardware, I’ll write the software”. Which self-respecting woman would take to that? They’d run – away from your evident lack of openness, and an ability to treat others as equals & fellow-companions on an uncertain journey.

    If you buy into the essence of what I am saying above (and I don’t claim ownership for anything as “naturally occuring” as this) and you demonstrate it in humility in your next courtship … with your intelligence and obvious conviviality, women will fall all over you. (Right now, if there are a couple in that camp, you either need to stay away from them – they’re doing to you what I criticized you of doing to them, or they are unfortunately immature).

    And, lastly, I’m a guy. So this is very much a male perspective.

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