I’m hallucinating a lot nowadays. I see things that don’t exist. Hear sounds and words that have never been spoken. Imagine a number of random things. Dream a lot. A hell of a lot. And usually wake up scared. And I can never remember any dreams. In fact, I can never remember what I was thinking of a few moments back.

Very frequently, thoughts literally slip away from my mind. I think I know what I’m thinking, but in a few moments, I don’t have that good an idea and a couple of frantic steps, when I’m trying to get hold of the thought, later, it’s all gone. I don’t remember a thing.

It seems like the awful short term memory is the price that one has to pay for a superior long-term memory.

One thought on “random”

  1. If you really try hard to think as to what you were dreaming about immediately after you snap out of your dream, believe me, you will be able to recollect most of what your dreams were about. I have tried it myself and also made my friends try it. It worked though not 100% recollection in the first attempt. But the success rate is in the high 90’s. Its all about training your mind a la Neural Networks or AI. Once you practice this, you will have an equally good (if not better) short term memory as compared to your superior long term memory. So start practicing.

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