Double meanings

I seem to be looking out for “double meanings” in everything. I’m reminded of that seen in Upendra’s seminal movie Shhhh, where the director Kashinath is reputed to be a master of double meanings, and he has an assistant whose sole job is to point out the double meanings that some of the dialogues that Kashinath writes imply.

So earlier today I told

?”can you do one help?” I know it’s completely ungrammatical but this is the way I used to talk back in my childhood when my english was fairly pathetic. A couple of minutes later I realized that “help” can also be a noun. Such as say “domestic help”. And so there was the double meaning.

A couple of minutes back, I was responding to some comments on some earlier post. And in my hurry to type, and given that my fingers usually don’t talk to each other, I put the space in the wrong position. The comment reads “can bed one once the road is expanded”. And in a minute or two, I’d noticed the double meaning. And here I am blogging about it.

Then, a few days back I was talking to this friend when she felt sleepy. Again my left middle finger played tricks on me and I typed “sweet creams” instead of “sweet dreams”. Only after she’d responded with at “thu” did I realize that there was some double meaning here too.

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