Bangalore Photowalk 27 April 2008

The “first” Bangalore Photowalk happened this morning. Eleven people turned up (including me). Thanks to Aadisht, Prabhu, Hari, Suvrat, Rajagopal, Baada, Tharunya, Priya, Madhavi and Nikshep for helping out in making this a grand success.

As planned, we met in front of the Apsara Theater at 8 am. I had mentioned in yesterday’s email that I’d be wearing a black T-shirt. Maybe people thought it was a dress code, as some half a dozen others turned up in black T-shirts. We started off at a statue of Dr. B R Ambedkar in front of the Apsara Theatre and moved on to the Bangalore fort, where we spent a considerable amount of time. We then walked along K R Road, taking photographs of Vani Vilas Hospital, the Theosophical society and several snaps of the basket weavers in front of BIT.

I’m proud of my timing – the route that I had selected seemed to be of the appropriate length and we finished up at National College circle at the appointed time of 10 am. We then proceeded to the nearby SLV for breakfast.

I have taken a total of 180 photos during the walk. I’ve uploaded a few samples. I request the others who attended also to upload their photos to flickr, and tag the photos as “bangalorephotowalk”. You can find the photos that I’ve uploaded here. And here is a sample picture (Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for the words on this signboard. This signboard exists somewhere near K R Market. I just happened to photograph it)

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